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Heinkel's Lunch Meats are also available in bulk cases!

● Bologna, Reg. Stick
● Bologna, Reg. Chub
● Bologna NC 
● Braunschweiger
● Head Cheese
● Pickle & Pimento Loaf
● Souse
● Ring Bologna

Heinkel's Bologna
Heinkel's Bologna
Heinkel's Bologna

Award Winner Heinkel's Bologna

Numerous Illinois Meat Processor Champion Awards makes Heinkel's deli bologna a mainstay for everyday meals. Yes, we still do the Natural Casing bologna for those who enjoy that specific flavor profile. Look for our Ring bologna and our new 1# chub bologna at your local retailer.


Heinkel's Braunschweiger

Heinkel's Braunschweiger 1lb. chubAward Winner Heinkel's Braunschweiger

This 400 year old Heinkel family recipe has been the Illinois Association of Meat Processor Grand Champion more times than we care to remember.  We won again in 2012. Brought over on the boat from Germany, founder Albert Heinkel logged this recipe in a little black book among many others. Four successive generations of the Heinkel family have maintained this recipe's integrity and boast the best Braunschweiger in the Midwest and beyond!


Pickle & Pimento Loaf

Heinkel's Pickle and Pimento Loaf

Heinkel’s P&P Loaf is a loaf-type luncheon meat containing pickles and pimentos. After being formed into a loaf and cooked, the loaf is kept whole so it can be sliced and served cold as deli meat for sandwiches or on crackers.


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