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     ●  Fresh Sausage
     ●  Bockwurst, Fully Cooked
     ●  Italian Rope Sausage (Special Order)
     ●  Rope Sausage
     ●  Baby Link
     ●  Bratwurst


Award Winner Heinkel's Bockwurst

Heinkel’s Bockwurst recipe is over 400 years old. It was brought over from Germany in a little black book by founder Albert Heinkel in 1900. One of our most unique recipes, Heinkel’s fully cooked bockwurst still uses fresh onions and parsley from the market peeled and picked the day before production.

Heinkel's Breakfast Sausage

Award Winner Heinkel's Breakfast Sausage

Another unique recipe that features the amalgamation of an old Heinkel's Bratwurst recipe combined with a newer Heinkel's breakfast sausage recipe that gives our fresh sausage its unique, old fashion German taste. Heinkel's breakfast sausage is served at various restaurants and diners in central Illinois. If you’ve been to Debbie’s Diner in Decatur, Illinois, then you’ve had Heinkel's Sausage.

Available in 5 lb. Case

Heinkel's Italian Rope Sausage

Award Winner Heinkel's Italian Rope Sausage

After myriad requests from concessionaires across the country, meat maestro Dennis Heinkel formulated a distinctly “German” Italian sausage. Combining the best of both cultures, Heinkel’s Italian sausage is truly a sausage unlike any other. A far leaner product than its southern relatives, Heinkel’s Italian sausage is great for a breakfast quiche or casserole, on a bun and even in spaghetti – let’s be real the possibilities are endless. Be on the lookout for Heinkel’s Italian Sausage at a Fair or Special Event near you.

Special Order 250lbs or more



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