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At Heinkel's, we know the ultimate guarantee for our success is a happy customer. If you have a favorite Heinkel's product (or products), or if you just want to share your experience with our smoked meats and sausages, we would love to hear it!

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Submitted by T. Goss (not verified) on

I recently tried Heinkel's thick cut bacon, best bacon ever!

Submitted by Ab Krohne (not verified) on

I have been eating Heinkel’s product for over a decade.  It is by far superior to anything else on the supermarket shelf.  My personal favorites include their Jalapeno and Cheese Wieners and Polish Sausage.  
I have found a rich admiration for these delicious wieners.  I don’t know how they get the jalapeno and cheese into the dogs so precisely and really I don’t care, as long as they are available for sale I will continue to devour them.  I like them so much I have to hide them from my wife in my downstairs freezer (I purchased an entire box).  Apparently she thinks it is wrong to put them with eggs for breakfast, tacos for lunch and off the grill for dinner all in the same day.  

I live in Chicago now but grew up around Decatur.  Everybody says that Chicago is the home to the best sausage (Chris Farley’s SuperFans quote from SNL, “Make it a baker’s dozen Bob!”), but I can say without a doubt Heinkel’s Polish Sausage is better than anything I have ever had in Chicago.  One of the things I like most about Heinkel’s, besides their fantastic product,   is their time tested reputation of quality products.  Can’t wait for the Hot Dog Eating Contest!  I’ve been prepping for months…

Submitted by Lucas (not verified) on

We recently had a birthday party for our 3 year old son and served Heinkel's Weiners and Polish Sausage on the grill. Everybody loved them. We have several people ask us where we got them. We will be serving Heinkel's products at all our family get togethers from now on!

Submitted by Wayne Simmons (not verified) on

Had a wienie roast this weekend for my kids and some of their friends. Went to Kroger's, had to get the usual big name brand beef dogs for the kids, but I saw the Heinkel's Jalapeno & Cheese and bought some of them too. (Saw you in the paper recently, didn't realize you were a local company.) Man, they were really good! Not too hot or anything, just the right amount of flavor. The kids ate those before the other ones. I only got 2 before they were gone! I'm definitely going to try more of your stuff soon! Got some chili today, can't wait to try it! Keep up the good work, Go Decatur!

Submitted by HEINKEL'S STAFF (not verified) on

That's great to hear Wayne! We at Heinkel's would love you to try our bacon located at all Decatur Kroger's for the first time in our 101 History. You will not be disappointed! Thanks for supporting our Company.

Submitted by Becky Van Deventer (not verified) on

Have I been overlooking Heinkel's Polish Sausage? I picked up a pack for dinner at my LeRoy IGA and they were delicious--by far the best-tasting polish of all the brands! Thanks for keeping the quality high for all these years.

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