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Heinkel Family Bone-In Ham Cooking Instructions

Heinkel's Bone in Ham



1.  Always use a bone-in Ham and then de-bone after cooking (before slicing).
2.  Place thermometer in thickest portion of Ham without touching the bone.
3.  Completely seal ham in foil. (Grandma and Grandpa Heinkel use around a 25# Ham – sure to feed 25 people.)
4.  Put Ham in oven before going to bed.
5.  Cook at 170 degrees all night.
6.  Heinkel’s Ham is already precooked and smoked during a 12 hour process; you are just warming it up.
7.  Bring the Heinkel’s Ham up to 145-150 degrees.  The inside part of the Ham will actually keep cooking for 30 minutes outside of the oven.
8.  After 30 minutes, de-bone, and put it through the electric slicer.
9.  Heinkels prefer 1/8 to 3/16” thick slices.
10. Place on warm plate and cover with foil until it’s time to Dig In!
*Source:  Heinkel’s Home Cooked Memories, author Gail Heinkel Yuras

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